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상안검 & 하안검, 코 수술, 앞트임, 무턱수술, 지방 이식, 자가혈치료, 얼굴/목 리프팅, 얼굴 리프팅, 지방 흡입, 수술, 복부 지방 절제술, 엉덩이 리프팅, 바디 리프팅, 모발 치료법 ....

레이저 피부 시술

얼굴&몸 탄력, 모공 축소 & 여드름 상처 치료, 제모, 색소침착 & 잡티 제거, 보톡스, 필러, 스컬트라, 주름제거

뱃살 비만 치료

지방 분해 주사, 연예인 카복시, 지방 융해 레이저, 초음파 지방 흡입, 식이요법, 튼살 치료, 초음파 얼굴 탄력, 에너지 회복 비타민 주사, 선식, 디톡스, 보조 다이어트제


크리스탈 필링, 아쿠아필, 미백, 보습, 진정케어, SGF/EGF 투입 케어

모발 치료법

모발 이식 수술, 탈모 치료, 영구 속눈썹, 대체의학, 마이크로니들 치료, 신체 복원, 한의학, 한약, 두발 피부염 ....


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I had a really good experience here. I purchased a Living Social coupon for IPL Photofacial. The greeting person was very knowledgeable and helpful and the RN that did the work was very thorough in that she used her eagle eye to spot every brown spot on my face. My face was numbed with ice pack so I couldn't feel anything, and although I was told I would feel a slight stinging, I was relieved that I didn't feel a thing! They offered me an additional facial before the IPL for an extra $30, and I took the offer since that's really reasonable as as far as facials were concerned. I wasn't disappointed by this decison. My face felt so clean and was glowing, more so than just getting a normal facial. Also they give you a 15 min face pack after the IPL for no additional charge. Don't be surprised if they suggest that you get future IPL treatments, but they don't pressure you. They just tell you to get it here or elsewhere, but the treatment works best if done a minimum of 3-5 times depending your on your skin, every 3-4 weeks. I just made my second appointment and I'm really looking forward to it.

Mary H, Pasadena

I highly recommend the weight loss program it combines eastern and western medicine. The staff also designs a realistic program for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Barbara W, Toluka Lake

I've never thought about that acupuncture could help with my weight. Now I am a true believer; it helps with my appetite and reduces my craving, thank you for giving my life back.

Lucy E , Los Angeles


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닥터마이다스 소개

닥터마이다스 성형외과에서는 미국 공인 의사,한의사,RN 간호사 등의 전문의료진들로 구성되어있습니다. 저희의 취지는 미국내 지역 별 다양한 미용시술들을 고객맞춤으로 편리하게 받게하는 것입니다.

저희는 레이저시술, 다이어트 치료, 모발치료, 스킨게어, 성형수술까지 고객맞춤 시술을 해드리고 있습니다. 저희는 최신기계와 최상의 의료진들로 부터 최고의 서비스를 받을 수 있습니다.... more